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Welcome to Bergen, Norway – a picturesque city nestled between majestic mountains and stunning fjords. Known for its vibrant culture, rich history, and breathtaking natural beauty, Bergen is a must-visit destination for travelers seeking a unique Scandinavian experience. From exploring the charming old town of Bryggen to taking a scenic fjord cruise, there are endless things to do in Bergen Norway that will captivate your senses and leave you in awe. Join us on a journey through this enchanting city and discover why Bergen should be at the top of your travel bucket list.

Popular Experiences and Attractions

Bryggen Wharf:

Essential Information

– Address: Bryggen, 5003 Bergen, Norway
– Opening Hours: 24/7 (public areas)
– Fee: Free to explore, some attractions may have entrance fees
– Visit Duration: 1-2 hours
– Ideal for: History enthusiasts, photography lovers, cultural explorers


Bryggen Wharf in Bergen, Norway, stands as a testament to the city’s rich maritime history. The iconic wooden buildings that line the waterfront date back to the Hanseatic League, a powerful trading alliance that dominated Northern Europe in the Middle Ages. Today, visitors can stroll along the narrow alleyways, admiring the colorful facades and peeking into shops selling traditional handicrafts and souvenirs.

A visit to Bryggen Wharf offers a glimpse into Bergen’s past as a bustling trading hub, where merchants from across the continent converged to exchange goods and ideas. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is a treasure trove of historical significance, with each building telling a story of the city’s commercial prowess and cultural exchange. Whether you’re interested in architecture, history, or simply soaking in the atmosphere of a bygone era, Bryggen Wharf is a must-see destination in Bergen.

Fløibanen Funicular:

Essential Information

– Address: Vetrlidsallmenningen 21, 5014 Bergen, Norway
– Opening Hours: 7:30 AM – 11:00 PM daily
– Fee: Adults 105 NOK, Children 53 NOK
– Visit Duration: 1-2 hours
– Ideal for: Families, solo travelers, nature enthusiasts


Bergen, Norway’s picturesque coastal city, is home to the iconic Fløibanen Funicular, a must-see attraction for visitors of all ages. Offering panoramic views of the city and surrounding fjords, this historic funicular railway takes passengers on a scenic journey to the top of Mount Fløyen. As you ascend, you’ll be treated to breathtaking vistas of Bergen’s colorful wooden houses, bustling harbor, and lush greenery below.

At the summit, a viewing platform awaits, providing a perfect spot to capture memorable photos and soak in the beauty of Norway’s natural landscape. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast seeking a peaceful retreat or a family looking for a fun outing, Fløibanen Funicular offers a convenient way to experience Bergen’s beauty from a unique vantage point. With its affordable ticket prices and short ride duration, this attraction is a must-visit for anyone exploring the charming city of Bergen.

Mount Fløyen:

Essential Information

– Address: Vetrlidsallmenningen 21, 5014 Bergen, Norway
– Opening Hours: 7:30 AM – 11:00 PM daily
– Fee: Free to access, funicular ticket prices vary
– Visit Duration: 2-3 hours
– Ideal for: Families, nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts


Mount Fløyen in Bergen, Norway, is a must-see destination for those seeking breathtaking views and outdoor adventures. As one of the most popular attractions in Bergen, Mount Fløyen offers visitors a chance to experience the stunning beauty of the Norwegian landscape. Whether you’re a nature lover looking to explore the great outdoors or a family seeking a fun day trip, Mount Fløyen has something for everyone.

The highlight of a visit to Mount Fløyen is the iconic funicular ride that takes you to the top of the mountain. Once you reach the summit, you’ll be greeted with panoramic views of Bergen and its surrounding fjords. The observation deck provides the perfect vantage point to capture memorable photos and soak in the natural beauty of Norway.

In addition to the stunning views, Mount Fløyen offers a variety of hiking trails for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll or a more challenging hike, there are options available to suit your preferences. The mountain is also home to a charming cafe where you can relax and enjoy a meal while taking in the picturesque scenery.

Overall, Mount Fløyen is a must-visit destination in Bergen that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and outdoor activities. Whether you’re looking to admire the views, go hiking, or simply relax in nature, Mount Fløyen has something for everyone to enjoy.

Bergenhus Fortress:

Essential Information

– Address: Bergenhus Festning, 5003 Bergen, Norway
– Opening Hours: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM daily
– Fee: NOK 100 for adults, free for children under 18
– Visit Duration: 2-3 hours
– Ideal for: History enthusiasts, families, and culture seekers


Bergenhus Fortress stands as a historic sentinel overlooking the vibrant city of Bergen, Norway. Steeped in centuries of rich history, this fortress is a must-see attraction for visitors seeking a glimpse into Norway’s past. The fortress, dating back to the 13th century, offers a fascinating journey through time, showcasing a blend of medieval architecture and military heritage.

As you explore Bergenhus Fortress, you’ll encounter a series of well-preserved buildings, including the iconic Rosenkrantz Tower and Haakon’s Hall. These structures serve as poignant reminders of the fortress’s strategic importance throughout the ages. From the imposing stone walls to the sweeping views of the surrounding fjords, every corner of Bergenhus Fortress exudes a sense of grandeur and resilience.

Whether you’re delving into the fortress’s storied past or simply marveling at its architectural splendor, a visit to Bergenhus Fortress promises a captivating experience for history buffs and casual tourists alike. So, step back in time and uncover the secrets of this enduring landmark that has stood the test of time in the heart of Bergen.

Fish Market:

Essential Information

– Address: Strandkaien 3, 5014 Bergen, Norway
– Opening Hours: 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM daily
– Fee: Free entry
– Visit Duration: 1-2 hours
– Ideal for: Foodies, seafood lovers, cultural enthusiasts


Bergen’s Fish Market is a vibrant hub of activity that offers visitors a taste of authentic Norwegian culture and cuisine. Situated along the picturesque waterfront, this bustling market is a must-see attraction for anyone looking to experience the local flavors of Norway. From freshly caught seafood to traditional delicacies, the Fish Market provides a sensory feast for foodies and seafood lovers alike.

Strolling through the market stalls, visitors can sample a variety of seafood dishes, including the famous Norwegian salmon and shrimp. The lively atmosphere, filled with the sounds of vendors calling out their offerings and the sights of colorful displays, immerses visitors in the rich maritime heritage of Bergen. Whether you’re looking to savor a hot bowl of fish soup or pick up some smoked salmon to take home, the Fish Market offers a unique culinary experience that captures the essence of Norwegian coastal life. Don’t miss the chance to explore this iconic market and indulge in the flavors of Bergen’s seafood scene.

Troldhaugen Edvard Grieg Museum:

Essential Information

– Address: Troldhaugvegen 65, 5232 Paradis, Bergen, Norway
– Opening Hours: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (May-September), 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM (October-April)
– Fee: NOK 120 for adults, NOK 60 for children
– Visit Duration: 1-2 hours
– Ideal for: Music enthusiasts, history buffs, families


Nestled on the outskirts of Bergen, the Troldhaugen Edvard Grieg Museum stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Norway’s most celebrated composer. The museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the life and work of Edvard Grieg, showcasing his personal belongings, musical instruments, and original manuscripts. Visitors can explore the composer’s charming villa, where he found inspiration amidst the tranquil surroundings of Lake Nordås. The museum’s picturesque setting provides a serene backdrop for understanding Grieg’s creative process and the influences that shaped his iconic compositions. Whether you’re a classical music aficionado or simply curious about Norwegian cultural heritage, a visit to Troldhaugen is a must for anyone seeking to delve into the rich tapestry of Grieg’s musical genius.

Bergen Aquarium:

Essential Information

– Address: Nordnesbakken 4, 5005 Bergen, Norway
– Opening Hours: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM daily
– Fee: Adults 250 NOK, Children (3-16) 150 NOK
– Visit Duration: 1-2 hours
– Ideal for: Families, marine life enthusiasts


Bergen Aquarium is a top attraction in the heart of Bergen, Norway, offering visitors a fascinating glimpse into the underwater world of the North Sea. With over 60 tanks housing a diverse range of marine species, this aquarium provides an educational and entertaining experience for all ages. From playful penguins to majestic sea lions, the aquarium showcases the rich biodiversity of the region’s waters.

One of the highlights of a visit to Bergen Aquarium is the chance to witness feeding sessions and interactive demonstrations led by knowledgeable staff members. Visitors can learn about the importance of marine conservation and gain a deeper appreciation for the delicate ecosystems that exist beneath the surface. Whether you’re a family looking for a fun day out or a nature lover seeking to explore the wonders of the sea, Bergen Aquarium is a must-see destination that promises to leave a lasting impression.

Gamle Bergen Museum:

Essential Information

– Address: Nyhavnsveien 4, 5003 Bergen, Norway
– Opening Hours: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM (May-September)
– Fee: Adults 120 NOK, Children (6-16) 60 NOK
– Visit Duration: 1-2 hours
– Ideal for: History enthusiasts and families


Gamle Bergen Museum is a captivating open-air museum that offers visitors a glimpse into the past of Bergen, Norway. With its well-preserved wooden houses and cobblestone streets, this museum provides a unique opportunity to step back in time and experience life as it was in the 18th and 19th centuries. Walking through the charming streets lined with traditional buildings, visitors can explore various exhibits showcasing the daily life, work, and traditions of the people who once inhabited this historic area.

This museum is a must-see for history enthusiasts looking to learn more about Bergen’s rich cultural heritage. The carefully reconstructed houses and informative displays offer a fascinating insight into the city’s past, making it an educational and enjoyable experience for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re strolling through the quaint streets or interacting with costumed guides, Gamle Bergen Museum provides a memorable journey into Norway’s history that shouldn’t be missed.

KODE Art Museums:

Essential Information

– Address: Rasmus Meyers allé 9, 5015 Bergen, Norway
– Opening Hours: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Closed on Mondays)
– Fee: Adults 120 NOK, Students 60 NOK, Children under 16 Free
– Visit Duration: 2-3 hours
– Ideal for: Art enthusiasts, history buffs, families


The KODE Art Museums in Bergen, Norway, offer a captivating journey through Norwegian art history. With a collection spanning from the 14th century to contemporary works, this cultural hub is a must-see for anyone interested in the country’s artistic heritage. The museums showcase a diverse range of art forms, including paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts, providing visitors with a comprehensive overview of Norwegian creativity.

One of the highlights of the KODE Art Museums is the impressive collection of works by renowned Norwegian artists such as Edvard Munch, Nikolai Astrup, and Harald Sohlberg. These masterpieces offer a glimpse into the country’s rich artistic tradition and the unique perspectives of its creators. Additionally, the museums regularly host temporary exhibitions featuring both national and international artists, ensuring there is always something new and exciting to discover.

Whether you are a seasoned art enthusiast or simply curious about Norwegian culture, a visit to the KODE Art Museums is sure to be a rewarding experience. Immerse yourself in the beauty and history of Norwegian art as you explore this world-class collection in the heart of Bergen.

Ulriken Cable Car:

Essential Information

– Address: Haukelandsbakken 40, 5009 Bergen, Norway
– Opening Hours: 9:00 am – 11:00 pm daily
– Fee: Adults 250 NOK, Children 150 NOK
– Visit Duration: 2-3 hours
– Ideal for: Nature lovers, adventure seekers


Perched high above the charming city of Bergen, Norway, the Ulriken Cable Car offers visitors a thrilling journey to the summit of Mount Ulriken. As the highest of the city’s seven mountains, Mount Ulriken provides panoramic views that are simply breathtaking. The cable car ride itself is an experience not to be missed, offering a smooth ascent to the top in just minutes. Once at the summit, visitors can enjoy a leisurely stroll along well-marked paths, taking in the fresh mountain air and stunning vistas of the surrounding fjords and islands.

For outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, the Ulriken Cable Car is a must-see attraction in Bergen. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful escape from the city or an adrenaline-pumping adventure, this scenic spot has something for everyone. From hiking trails to cozy mountain huts serving traditional Norwegian cuisine, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy the beauty of Mount Ulriken. So, if you find yourself in Bergen, be sure to add a trip on the Ulriken Cable Car to your itinerary for an unforgettable experience in the heart of Norway’s natural wonders.

Food and Cuisine


Why is it so special:

Fårikål is a traditional Norwegian dish that consists of slow-cooked lamb and cabbage stew. This dish is considered the national dish of Norway and is typically enjoyed during the autumn months. The simplicity of the ingredients allows the flavors to meld together beautifully, creating a comforting and hearty meal. The tender lamb, combined with the sweetness of the cabbage and aromatic spices, makes fårikål a must-try for anyone visiting Bergen.

Where to Try It:

For an authentic taste of fårikål in Bergen, head to Pingvinen, a cozy restaurant known for its traditional Norwegian cuisine. If you prefer a more upscale dining experience, Cornelius Seafood Restaurant offers a gourmet version of fårikål with a stunning waterfront view.


Why is it so special:

Rømmegrøt is a creamy sour cream porridge that has been a staple in Norwegian cuisine for centuries. Made with sour cream, flour, butter, and sugar, this dish has a rich and velvety texture that is both comforting and indulgent. Rømmegrøt is often served with a generous dollop of butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar, adding a touch of sweetness to the creamy porridge.

Where to Try It:

To savor a delicious bowl of rømmegrøt in Bergen, visit Bryggeloftet & Stuene, a historic restaurant located on the famous Bryggen wharf. This charming eatery offers a cozy atmosphere where you can enjoy traditional Norwegian dishes, including their signature rømmegrøt.

Events and Festivals

Bergen International Festival

The Bergen International Festival is the largest cultural event in Norway, featuring a diverse program of music, theater, dance, and visual arts. Held annually in May and June, the festival attracts artists and performers from around the world, showcasing both traditional and contemporary works. Tourists can enjoy a wide range of performances in various venues across the city, including the historic Grieg Hall and the picturesque Bergenhus Fortress.

Bergen Food Festival

The Bergen Food Festival celebrates the rich culinary heritage of the region, offering visitors a chance to sample traditional Norwegian dishes and local delicacies. Held in September, the festival features food stalls, cooking demonstrations, and tasting sessions, allowing tourists to immerse themselves in the vibrant food scene of Bergen. Highlights include fresh seafood, artisanal cheeses, and traditional baked goods, all sourced from local producers.

Bergen Christmas Market

The Bergen Christmas Market is a festive event held in the historic city center during the holiday season. Visitors can stroll through the charming market stalls, adorned with twinkling lights and decorations, and shop for handmade gifts, Christmas decorations, and seasonal treats. The market also features live music, entertainment, and a cozy atmosphere, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike to experience the magic of Christmas in Bergen.

Interesting Facts

– Bergen, Norway, is known as the “City of Seven Mountains,” as it is surrounded by seven stunning mountains that offer breathtaking views and excellent hiking opportunities.
– The iconic Bryggen Wharf in Bergen is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and consists of colorful wooden buildings that date back to the Hanseatic period, providing a glimpse into the city’s rich history.
– Bergen experiences a unique weather phenomenon known as “Bergen Rain,” characterized by frequent rainfall and cloudy skies, adding to the city’s charm and allure.

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