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Welcome to Gillette, Wyoming, where the Old West meets modern charm. Nestled in the heart of the Cowboy State, Gillette offers a unique blend of rugged landscapes, rich history, and exciting activities. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, history buff, or adventure seeker, this vibrant city has something for everyone. Join us as we explore the top things to do in Gillette and uncover the hidden gems that make this destination a must-visit for any traveler.

Can’t-Miss Attractions

When visiting Gillette, WY, there are several must-see attractions that showcase the beauty and history of the area. Here are the top 5 places to visit in Gillette:

1. Devil’s Tower National Monument: This iconic geological formation is a sight to behold. Known for its unique appearance and cultural significance to Native American tribes, Devil’s Tower offers hiking trails around its base and a visitor center with exhibits on its formation. The towering presence of Devil’s Tower against the Wyoming sky makes it a must-visit for nature lovers and history enthusiasts alike.

2. Eagle Butte Coal Mine: As one of the largest coal mines in the country, Eagle Butte Coal Mine offers guided tours that provide insight into the mining process and the significance of coal in the region’s history. Visitors can witness massive machinery at work and learn about the impact of mining on the local economy. The sheer scale of the operations at Eagle Butte Coal Mine makes it a fascinating stop for those interested in industrial history.

3. Rockpile Museum: For a glimpse into Gillette’s past, the Rockpile Museum is a treasure trove of artifacts and exhibits detailing the area’s history, from its early days as a frontier town to its development into a thriving community. With displays on ranching, mining, and pioneer life, the Rockpile Museum offers a comprehensive look at the heritage of Gillette and its surrounding areas.

4. Bicentennial Park: A serene oasis in the heart of Gillette, Bicentennial Park is a popular spot for picnics, leisurely strolls, and outdoor activities. With walking paths, green spaces, and a tranquil pond, the park provides a peaceful retreat for visitors looking to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Wyoming. Bicentennial Park’s scenic setting and recreational opportunities make it a must-visit for those seeking a moment of tranquility.

5. Cam-Plex Park: Home to a variety of events and activities throughout the year, Cam-Plex Park is a hub of entertainment and community gatherings in Gillette. From concerts and rodeos to fairs and festivals, there is always something happening at Cam-Plex Park. Visitors can experience the local culture and hospitality firsthand while enjoying the lively atmosphere of this vibrant venue.

These top 5 attractions in Gillette, WY, offer a diverse range of experiences that highlight the area’s natural beauty, history, and community spirit. Whether you’re interested in geological wonders, industrial heritage, or cultural exploration, Gillette has something to offer every traveler.

One-day trip

If you’re looking for exciting day trips within a 2-hour drive from Gillette, WY, you’re in luck! Here are five fantastic destinations to consider:

1. Devils Tower National Monument:
Commonly known as Devils Tower, this iconic geological formation is located just an hour’s drive from Gillette. Rising dramatically from the surrounding landscape, Devils Tower offers excellent hiking opportunities with trails catering to various skill levels. Visitors can also enjoy rock climbing or simply marvel at the tower’s sheer beauty and cultural significance.

2. Bighorn Mountains:
Situated about 90 minutes from Gillette, the Bighorn Mountains provide a perfect escape into nature. With scenic drives, hiking trails, and picnic spots, this destination is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Keep an eye out for wildlife and breathtaking vistas as you explore this picturesque mountain range.

3. Buffalo, WY:
Less than a 2-hour drive away, Buffalo is a charming town with a rich history waiting to be discovered. Stroll through historic downtown, visit the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum, or grab a bite at a local eatery. Buffalo offers a delightful blend of culture and small-town charm that makes it a great day trip option.

4. Keyhole State Park:
Located just an hour from Gillette, Keyhole State Park is a paradise for water lovers. Enjoy a day of boating, fishing, or swimming in the crystal-clear waters of Keyhole Reservoir. Picnic areas and campgrounds are also available for those looking to extend their stay and make the most of this scenic spot.

5. Black Hills, SD:
A 2-hour drive will take you to the captivating Black Hills of South Dakota. Explore the historic town of Deadwood, visit Mount Rushmore, or hike through Custer State Park. The Black Hills offer a diverse range of activities, from cultural experiences to outdoor adventures, making it a top choice for a day trip from Gillette.

Each of these destinations offers a unique blend of outdoor beauty and cultural experiences, making them compelling choices for day-trippers. Whether you’re seeking adventure in nature or a taste of local history, these day trips promise to inspire and delight. So pack your bags, hit the road, and embark on an unforgettable journey just a short drive away from Gillette, WY.

Restaurants and bars

When exploring Gillette, Wyoming, be sure to check out these 5 exceptional dining spots that offer a taste of local flavor:

1. Bucking Horse Steakhouse – Sink your teeth into their signature Bucking Bronco Ribeye, a perfectly grilled steak that melts in your mouth. The rustic Western ambiance and friendly service make this restaurant a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

2. Prairie Fire Grille – Indulge in the mouthwatering Bison Burger, a local specialty that showcases the flavors of the region. The cozy atmosphere and extensive craft beer selection add to the charm of this must-visit eatery.

3. Coal Miner’s Tavern – Enjoy the hearty Miner’s Platter, a satisfying dish that pays homage to Gillette’s mining history. The welcoming vibe and live music make this tavern a popular spot for a night out with friends.

4. Sagebrush Steakhouse – Treat yourself to the flavorful Cowboy Ribeye, a generously sized steak that promises a memorable dining experience. The laid-back Western decor and attentive staff create a welcoming environment for guests.

5. Rockpile Bar & Grill – Savor the zesty Rockpile Ribs, a local favorite known for its finger-licking goodness. The vibrant bar scene and live entertainment make this spot a top choice for those looking to unwind and enjoy good food.

For a cozy coffee break or a refreshing drink, be sure to visit these 2 standout cafes and bars in Gillette:

1. Perk Up Coffee Shop – This charming cafe is known for its artisanal coffee blends and delectable pastries. The cozy atmosphere and friendly baristas make it a beloved spot for locals to relax and recharge.

2. The Last Drop Saloon – Step into this historic saloon for a taste of old-world charm and handcrafted cocktails. The vintage decor and live music performances add to the allure of this iconic watering hole, making it a must-visit destination in Gillette.

Interesting Facts

Gillette, Wyoming, may not be the most well-known travel destination, but it certainly has its hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Here are three surprising and interesting facts about Gillette that will pique your interest:

1. Devil’s Tower: Just a short drive from Gillette, you can find the iconic Devil’s Tower, a geological marvel and sacred site for many Native American tribes. This massive rock formation rises dramatically from the surrounding landscape, offering breathtaking views and excellent hiking opportunities. Visitors can marvel at its sheer size and unique formation, making it a must-see attraction near Gillette.

2. Energy Capital of the Nation: Gillette is proudly known as the “Energy Capital of the Nation” due to its significant coal, oil, and natural gas reserves. The city plays a crucial role in powering the country, and visitors can learn about the energy industry through tours of coal mines and power plants. It’s a fascinating glimpse into an essential aspect of the nation’s infrastructure.

3. Donkey Creek Festival: Every summer, Gillette hosts the Donkey Creek Festival, a lively celebration of music, art, and community. This family-friendly event features live performances, local vendors, and fun activities for all ages. It’s a fantastic way to experience the vibrant culture of Gillette and connect with the friendly locals.

These intriguing facts about Gillette, Wyoming, showcase the city’s unique attractions and vibrant community, making it a destination worth exploring for any traveler looking for something off the beaten path.

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