7 Unusual Things To Do In London England Uk – 2024 Ultimate Guide

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London, England, UK is a vibrant city with a plethora of attractions and activities to offer. While iconic landmarks like Big Ben and the Tower of London are must-see destinations, there are also plenty of unusual things to do in London that will make your visit truly memorable. From exploring hidden gems to experiencing unique cultural events, London has something for everyone seeking a different kind of adventure. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, stepping off the beaten path can lead to some of the most unforgettable experiences in this diverse and dynamic city.

Visit God’s Own Junkyard

Essential Information

– Address: Unit 12, Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall Street, London E17 9HQ, UK
– Opening Hours: Friday 11am–9pm, Saturday 11am–9pm, Sunday 11am–6pm
– Fee: Free entry, prices vary for food and drinks
– Visit Duration: 1-2 hours
– Ideal for: Art enthusiasts, photographers, quirky experience seekers

Why is it so unusual

God’s Own Junkyard in London is a truly unique attraction that stands out for its eccentricity and creativity. What makes this place so unusual is the mesmerizing display of neon signs and vintage props that adorn the space. Visitors are greeted by a kaleidoscope of colors and lights, creating a surreal and vibrant atmosphere unlike any other.

One of the standout features of God’s Own Junkyard is the vast collection of neon signs that cover every inch of the walls and ceilings. From quirky phrases to intricate designs, each sign tells a story and adds to the eclectic charm of the place. Walking through this neon wonderland feels like stepping into a different dimension where creativity knows no bounds.

In addition to the neon signs, visitors can also marvel at the collection of vintage props and memorabilia scattered throughout the space. From retro movie posters to old-school arcade machines, there is no shortage of nostalgic treasures to discover. The juxtaposition of these different elements creates a visually stunning and immersive experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

For those looking to capture the magic of God’s Own Junkyard, photography opportunities abound at every turn. The vibrant colors and unique displays make for the perfect backdrop for striking and Instagram-worthy shots. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just snapping pictures for fun, this is a place where creativity flourishes and inspiration is endless.

Overall, God’s Own Junkyard is a hidden gem in London that offers a one-of-a-kind experience for those willing to step off the beaten path. With its unusual charm and captivating displays, this quirky attraction is a must-visit for anyone seeking a dose of creativity and wonder in the bustling city.

Explore Little Venice by Waterbus

Essential Information

– Address: Little Venice, London, England, UK
– Opening Hours: Waterbus services operate daily, check schedule for timings
– Fee: Varies depending on route, typically around £10 for a single journey
– Visit Duration: 1-2 hours
– Ideal for: Tourists looking for a unique way to explore London’s waterways

Why is it so unusual

Little Venice, a picturesque area in London, is known for its tranquil canals and charming houseboats. What makes exploring Little Venice by waterbus so unusual is the opportunity it provides to experience the city from a different perspective. Instead of navigating the bustling streets, visitors can glide along the serene waterways, passing by colorful houseboats and lush greenery.

One of the most unusual activities to enjoy while exploring Little Venice by waterbus is feeding the resident swans and ducks that gracefully swim alongside the boat. As you toss breadcrumbs into the water, watch these elegant creatures glide effortlessly, adding a touch of nature to your urban adventure.

Another unique aspect of this experience is the chance to hop on and off the waterbus at various stops along the route. Whether you decide to disembark and explore the quirky shops and cafes in the area or simply enjoy the peaceful ride, the flexibility of the waterbus service allows you to tailor your journey to your preferences.

For those seeking a bit of history, the waterbus journey also offers glimpses of iconic London landmarks such as Regent’s Park and London Zoo. As you cruise past these famous sites, you can learn about the rich heritage of the city while taking in the scenic views from the comfort of your seat.

Overall, exploring Little Venice by waterbus is a truly unique experience that combines the tranquility of the water with the excitement of urban exploration. Whether you’re a nature lover, history buff, or simply looking for a different way to see London, this unusual attraction is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Climb Up the O2 Arena

Essential Information

– Address: Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX, United Kingdom
– Opening Hours: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM (subject to change, check website for details)
– Fee: Starting from £30 per person
– Visit Duration: Approximately 90 minutes
– Ideal for: Adventure seekers, thrill enthusiasts

Why is it so unusual

When it comes to exploring London, most tourists opt for the classic landmarks and historical sites. However, for those seeking a unique and exhilarating experience, Climb Up the O2 Arena offers a thrilling alternative. This unconventional attraction allows visitors to ascend the iconic O2 Arena, not through traditional means like stairs or elevators, but by climbing over its distinctive dome-shaped roof.

Participants are equipped with a special climbing suit and harness before embarking on this vertical adventure. As you make your way up the 52-meter high structure, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of London’s skyline, including famous landmarks such as Canary Wharf, the Thames River, and even glimpses of the distant cityscape.

What sets Climb Up the O2 Arena apart is the sense of achievement and adrenaline rush that comes with conquering this unconventional climb. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or just looking to step out of your comfort zone, this experience promises a unique perspective of London that few get to witness.

So, if you’re up for a challenge and want to see the city from a whole new angle, consider adding Climb Up the O2 Arena to your London itinerary. It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to combine adventure, sightseeing, and a dash of adrenaline in the heart of the bustling capital.

Discover the Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel

Essential Information

– Address: Leake St, Lambeth, London SE1 7NN, United Kingdom
– Opening Hours: 24/7
– Fee: Free
– Visit Duration: 1-2 hours
– Ideal for: Street art enthusiasts, photographers, urban explorers

Why is it so unusual

The Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel, also known as the “Banksy Tunnel,” is a hidden gem in the heart of London that offers a unique and unconventional experience for visitors. What sets this tunnel apart is the vibrant and ever-changing street art that adorns its walls. Artists from around the world come here to showcase their creativity, resulting in a dynamic and eclectic display of graffiti.

Walking through the tunnel, you’ll be surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colors, styles, and messages, each piece telling its own story. The underground setting adds an edgy and urban feel to the artwork, creating a raw and authentic atmosphere that is unlike any traditional art gallery.

Visitors can witness artists at work, adding new layers to the existing murals or creating entirely new pieces right before their eyes. This interactive element allows for a real-time glimpse into the world of street art and the creative process behind it.

Exploring the Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel is not just about admiring the art but also about immersing yourself in a subculture that thrives on self-expression and unconventional forms of artistic communication. It’s a place where boundaries are pushed, norms are challenged, and creativity knows no limits.

Whether you’re a street art enthusiast looking for inspiration, a photographer seeking unique backdrops, or an urban explorer in search of hidden gems, the Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel offers a one-of-a-kind experience that captures the essence of London’s underground art scene.

Visit the Hunterian Museum

Essential Information

– Address: 35-43 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, Holborn, London WC2A 3PE, UK
– Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
– Fee: Free admission
– Visit Duration: 1-2 hours
– Ideal for: History enthusiasts, medical students, curious minds

Why is it so unusual

The Hunterian Museum in London stands out as an unusual tourist attraction due to its fascinating collection of medical specimens and anatomical oddities. Visitors to the museum can explore a range of exhibits that delve into the world of surgery, pathology, and medical history, offering a unique perspective on the human body and the advancements in medical science.

One of the standout features of the Hunterian Museum is its display of preserved human specimens, showcasing anatomical abnormalities and medical conditions that provide valuable insights into the complexities of the human body. From skeletal deformities to unusual medical instruments, the museum offers a glimpse into the world of medicine that is both educational and thought-provoking.

In addition to its collection of medical artifacts, the Hunterian Museum also houses the remains of famous surgeon John Hunter, known for his pioneering work in the field of surgery. Visitors can learn about Hunter’s contributions to medicine and explore the legacy he left behind through the various exhibits dedicated to his life and work.

For those with an interest in the macabre or a curiosity about the inner workings of the human body, the Hunterian Museum offers a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a medical student, or simply a curious mind, a visit to this unusual attraction is sure to leave you with a newfound appreciation for the intricacies of the human form and the advancements of modern medicine.

Explore Dennis Severs’ House

Essential Information

– Address: 18 Folgate Street, Spitalfields, London E1 6BX, UK
– Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12 pm to 2 pm
– Fee: £10 for adults, £5 for students and seniors
– Visit Duration: Approximately 1-2 hours
– Ideal for: History enthusiasts and those seeking a unique cultural experience

Why is it so unusual

Explore Dennis Severs’ House, a time capsule in the heart of London, offers visitors a truly immersive experience into the past. What sets this attraction apart is its concept of “still-life drama,” where each room is meticulously curated to represent a different era in the life of a fictional Huguenot family. As you wander through the dimly lit rooms, you’ll encounter a series of tableaus that evoke the sights, sounds, and even smells of 18th-century London.

One of the most unusual aspects of Dennis Severs’ House is the lack of traditional museum signage or explanations. Instead, visitors are encouraged to use their senses to piece together the stories hidden within the intricate details of the rooms. From half-eaten meals on the dining table to rumpled beds and flickering candlelight, every element is designed to transport you back in time and spark your imagination.

As you climb the creaky stairs and explore the various floors, you’ll feel like a silent observer in a living, breathing historical novel. The house’s unique blend of history, art, and storytelling creates a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere that lingers long after you’ve left. Whether you’re a history buff or simply curious about a different way of experiencing the past, Dennis Severs’ House is a must-visit destination that promises a truly unforgettable journey through time.

Take a Jack the Ripper Tour

Essential Information

– Address: Various locations in London, England
– Opening Hours: Evening tours available, check website for details
– Fee: Prices vary, starting from £15 per person
– Visit Duration: Approximately 2 hours
– Ideal for: History enthusiasts, fans of true crime, and those interested in Victorian London

Why is it so unusual

The Jack the Ripper Tour in London offers a chilling and unconventional experience for visitors seeking a glimpse into the dark and mysterious past of one of history’s most infamous serial killers. Unlike traditional sightseeing tours, this excursion delves into the eerie world of Victorian London, where the unidentified murderer known as Jack the Ripper terrorized the streets of Whitechapel in the late 19th century.

Participants of the tour are guided through the dimly lit alleyways and cobblestone streets where the gruesome murders took place, hearing detailed accounts of the crimes and the investigations that followed. The tour guides, often dressed in period-appropriate attire, provide a haunting narrative of the events that unfolded during the Ripper’s reign of terror, offering a glimpse into the fear and hysteria that gripped the city during that time.

One of the most unusual aspects of the Jack the Ripper Tour is the opportunity to visit the actual sites where the murders occurred, allowing visitors to stand in the exact locations where these horrific crimes took place over a century ago. The tour also includes visits to historical landmarks and buildings that played a significant role in the Ripper case, providing a comprehensive look at the events that shook London to its core.

For those intrigued by the macabre and fascinated by true crime stories, the Jack the Ripper Tour offers a unique and spine-tingling experience that delves deep into the dark underbelly of Victorian society. It is a journey into the shadows of history, where the mysteries of the past continue to captivate and intrigue visitors from around the world.

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